Cultural Association “Tullio Crali” - via Ascoli 1, Gorizia (Italy) - Monday, November 23rd.  2009,   17:30

In the understanding of natural phenomena, it happens very often to face the problem of the distinction and apparent contradiction between what happens in the frame of human perception and what really happens in the physical world. The theme of this meeting - nature and perception of musical tempo - fully reflects this problem. In fact, the art of music precisely succeeds in combining the complementary perspectives of the subjective and the objective with exceptional effectiveness. The peculiar aspect of music, with respect to other perceptive facts, is its developing into the temporal dimension. The three principal aspects in which this happens concern the temporal duration of single sounds, the rhythmic organization given by a sequence of more sounds following each other during time, and the local time variations given by the needs of artistic expression. The physical properties of music, such as the duration of single sounds, the rhythm and the timbre, are transformed into emotions for the listener. This talk has the purpose of explaining how it happens, in scientific terms and under the light of most recent discoveries, in a perspective comparing our culture with other cultures.

Cultural Association “Tullio Crali - Via Ascoli 1, Gorizia (Italy) - Thursday, March 26th.  2009,   17:30

In the centuries, few questions did so strongly inspire humanity, as the possible existence of life forms on other worlds. At the same time, the myth and the mystery of the origin and evolution of the universe have always raised our curiosity and stimulated our researches. As it happens for all interdisciplinary fields of study, astrobiology - that is the study of life in the universe - is based on contributions deriving from the most recent discoveries in very different fields, as astrophysics, planetary sciences, chemistry and biology. This talk has he purpose to treat the theme of the existence of life on other worlds by starting from an astrophysical perspective, that is by discussing the connection between physical and structural characteristics of different stellar systems and the possible forms of life they may harbor - even if different from those which we know and observe on Earth.